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What is the Roamler app? How much can you earn & what freebies does it offer?

What is Roamler?

I said in my previous post that I had started to use the app called “Roamler”. I have been using it a couple of days now and so far its paid out with £5 income for taking a picture of some custard(which I also got to keep for free), getting my partner to sign up for it and I missed out on an extra £5er because I accidentally missed one set of tomato’s. Allow me to explain.

Sad tomato…

My Mistake

It was my first day with Roamler and I checked out the app, “Tomato Check” it said £4. I clicked on the app and it said Aldi, Iceland, Tesco, M&S…basically every shop you can think of wants to pay me £4 a time to go take pictures of tomato’s. I thought instantly “this is insane” as I scrolled through a list of about 15 supermarkets, 15 x 4 = 60…£60 for pictures of tomato’s. Say I did this 5 times a week for a year it would be £15,600.00.

Before you fall off your chair, its not THAT lucrative, but I can see it not being far off to be fair.

As this was my first go, I have an Iceland and Aldi at the bottom of my street. I thought I’d do just the Iceland to see how easy it was, and if it was easy I’d do Aldi as well. I trotted off to Iceland and started the task. I took a picture of the shop, I took a picture of the facing, I took a picture of every type of tomato and I scanned the bar codes. Satisfied I had done what I needed to do, I sent it off to be checked.

I’m not going to lie, its embarrassing standing in a supermarket taking multiple pictures of tomato’s but for extra income, I’ll do it.

I got a message about 20 minutes later that I had failed the task as I’d not taken picture of a type of tomato. I was a bit annoyed at first as I’d spent a good 5 minutes taking pictures of tomato’s. So I went back and looked at the original picture of the facing I’d sent. Low and behold the little bastard was sat right next to my facing, I’d missed it.

Now here’s the rub, I went to “redo” the task, I’d already taken most the pictures, however it wasn’t available. Turns out these tasks were a “once and done” type thing. Which makes sense, if i’ve gone and taken loads of pictures of tomato’s, why would you want someone else to do the same thing ad infinitum. So yeah, in essence you can do all these tasks, but someone else may “reserve” them. There’s about a 2 hour window for you to complete the tasks.

Also, its worth noting, that my “do it once a day for a week” idea was also a pipe dream. This was a special compliance task, there have been others but spread out over a few days. I’d say if you were dedicated you could probably do two or three of these a week at the current rate I’m seeing them. Which is still really good don’t get me wrong.

The power of custard(and getting free things)

I bet you weren’t expecting to see tins of custard in a finance blog!

However, the real power of the app I would say, is the other tasks which are essentially “try this out and we’ll pay you”. It’s a mystery shopper type deal where you go in, take a picture of the display, buy the item that they are offering and they’ll refund you the items price and pay you to have it. In this case mine was custard.

This can become extremely powerful if you are buying the items anyway, in this instance I did actually want to buy some custard, so Roamler have basically paid me to get an item that was already on my shopping list AND have given me the item as well for free.

Ok, so its custard who cares? Well what about getting £35 of dog food for free and being paid £4 to do so? What about getting gravy and being paid £2 for it? What about carrots? The list was quite extensive to be fair, ready meals, meats, the works. So they will not only lower your shopping bill but PAY you to do so, its actually so far been my favourite of the “making money” apps. I’ve had zero luck with surveys, transcribing or whatever nonsense gets offered.

The final surprise

There was a few other mystery shopper tasks that offered anywhere upto a £10er for just going in and seeing how staff reacted, these will definitely be high on my list of tasks to complete. But the REAL money maker was one I don’t think is for me, but its definitely lucrative if you can do it.

Basically, you go on announced visits to supermarkets and check things are on the shelves, and if they’re not, you go in the back and stack the shelf yourself. For me, its a flat no, I did my teenage years of stacking shelves and the embarrassment of asking the store manager to sign me in and being escorted into the back makes me cringe. But for £14 for whats probably going to be 1 cardboard box? I’m going to guess this will take 20-30 minutes max which equates to roughly £28 per hour, which to be fair, is a decent enough return.

Personally, I’ll be using it WHEN I’m shopping, so before I go anyway, I’ll see what I can get paid for trying or see if I can get my shopping for free. When I’m in the office, I’ll see what mystery shops I can do on my dinner breaks. Overall I’d 100% recommend doing it, its going to be a great supplement to my matched betting.

Shut up and tell me how to do it

Here’s the catch, there’s always a catch right.

You can only use the app, if you get referred to use the app by someone else. I’m fairly new so I haven’t got a lot of referrals through but if you want one, drop me a message or comment below. It’s worth it, I obviously get a small bonus for you using it but it won’t effect you in any way.

Hopefully this helps, its genuinely a great app and a great tool, I’d recommend to everyone! I’d give it 5 stars!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

In terms of what to expect next, I think my next portfolio update will come just before the new year, but before that I’m thinking of writing up a few more of the apps I’ve started using and my experience with them.

-Ally the Financial Dad

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