Additional Income Unlocked

My first foray into matched betting, free spins and money making apps!

I have my first additional income and it came from casino free spins bonus. I read up a lot about matched betting and saw that there was also a casino free spins bonus. I thought I’d give it a go and I managed to bag myself a £40 profit. Essentially the way the casino spins works is you play on the maths of it all. Variance is a wonderful thing, I’m not going to sit here and attempt to explain it today because I’ll probably mess it up and I’d hate for my inexperience to cause anyone to lose money. I’m a newbie at all this just like many others reading.

I am going to absolutely be using Matched Betting over the coming months but as someone who has previously enjoyed sports betting I’m already signed up to a few sites so my options are more limited. I also need to wait until I get paid so I have the capital to put into this venture what I need to, to have good returns. After all its Christmas and I’m still a Dad!

As well as this, I have signed up to a few survey sites and these have yet to even offer me a single survey in the 2 weeks I have been listed on them. I’m starting to think that these are a fools errand and I’m probably going to cut my losses with them before I even start.

One thing I HAVE signed up for that I’m very excited about, is an app called “Roamler”, you need an activation code(which I’ll put in a resources section) but essentially you get paid for being a mystery shopper and writing reviews. One particular offer I can take is paying me £10 to go and buy a pint of Corona at a local restaurant. Its absolutely packed with freebies as they refund the product you buy afterwards. This seems to be something that is going to be potentially very fruitful and I’m hopeful of making this a second income stream.

All in all, after a week of very little effort, I’ve made £40 and I’ve unlocked the potential for what seems to be about £20 a day for uploading a few photos. I’m quite happy with this to be honest as its a start. I assumed it was going to take weeks to even earn £10 so to earn £40 and potentially have found a way to earn that consistently in my first real week is amazing.

On the flip side the market took a nosedive, my Vanguard is down 4% and I’d unfortunately bought shares on freetrade in Vodaphone, BT and Lloyds which have all lost fractions of money, but as I’ve said before anything on Freetrade for the minute is play money, Vanguard is my real account.

That’s all for now, but enjoy your Christmas! And I’ll speak to you all soon.

  • Ally The Financial Dad

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