What is my starting point?

Part 2, what is the plan for the next 12 months?

What do I hold in Vanguard ETF’s/Bonds?

For full transparency, I’m not starting from £0. I have £1,400 invested in a Vanguard stocks and shares ISA. I can give a full breakdown if people want, but long story short I’m 42% VUSA, 33% VWRL 13% VUKE 4% VJPN and small holdings elsewhere. I did have £300 extra I withdrew and I regret that decision. But full transparency, its part of my journey and learning

My current performance is 1.03%, which to be honest, with the state of the market, I’m happy with. Especially seeing as this was basically my first year investing dipping my toes in the water.

What do I hold in individual stocks?

I also hold very minimal, what I’d refer to as “play” money in Freetrade stocks. I dipped my toes into the water with stocks and its certainly something I enjoy playing with, but its not part of my long term strategy right now. Ideally I’d like to grow my portfolio when I have educated myself more on their power. Overall since I started I’m in for about £150 and I’m up £11. However this includes free shares so I’d say I’m probably at scratch or slightly down.

The worst thing you can do is not try.

What are the main goals for the next 12 months?

I want to be able to put £300 per month in the Vanguard account. This should be easily accomplishable through my earnings which sit at £35k per year.

I want to grow an addition revenue stream by this time next year, or have earned at least £500 from a source that is not my main job.

I want to continue my education and be able to list at least 5 books I have read and learned from(reading is not a competiton, I’d rather read 5 books and understand them a year than 5 books a week to tick an arbitrary list).

I want to be able to move into my new home without touching any existing savings.

I want to have saved an emergency fund of 3 months wages.

Are these goals achieveable?

As I’m writing them, as a collection these are lofty goals. I would need to seriously increase my earnings to meet these goals with the current financial climate. However I am determined to set lofty goals to push myself. I think adding additonal revenue streams and/or promotion at work are pretty essential to my aims.

Its worth keeping in mind though, that sometimes in life we fail to meet our goals. Until I give up, I have not truly failed, so its important to persevere regardless of outcome and assess where I went wrong and what I can improve.

Until next time! Keep safe!

-Ally the Financial Dad

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