The Beginning

First ever blog about the journey to financial freedom!

Compound interest is the eight wonder of the world”

Albert Einstein

You’ve probably read the above quote a million times. “Albert Einstein said it so it must be true”, you whisper into your coffee as you scroll through the 100th video of the day.

Only, there’s no actual evidence to support that Albert Einstein actually said that. It’s a great quote, he’s a great man, but the two do not necessarily need to go together for it to be true. Let’s get one thing straight before we carry on, compound interest is the eight wonder of the world. You absolutely should be looking to invest and let your interest compound. It really didn’t need to be attached to Albert Einstein to make it powerful, so like a lot of the videos with clickbait posted by millionaires saying “retire by 30”, saying “invest” would be enough, they didn’t need the flourish.

A very smart man who said very smart things, but probably not the famous one about compound interest.

So why make a blog then you mug? You now scream into the screen. Well one thing that I hate about those clickbait “retire by 30” videos is they always seem to be so far removed from reality that it’s hard to swallow what is actually good advice. They are already a millionaire, yes, if you invest £1,664 a month and let it compound you’ll max out your ISA and be sitting on £20k a year by your 8th year of saving. However, lets be realistic, some of us don’t have that cash lying around and I don’t think there’s enough ships to drop for every single person in the world to take up drop shipping. Most people’s side hustles are selling the dream of financial freedom themselves(hello!).

However, they all seem to show the end product, which whilst nice has left a sort of disconnect. What happened on the way? Did you struggle? What about when you only started with £100 and no passive income? These are the questions I asked all the time and they are often waved away with the ending.

My goal, is to chronicle the journey starting from(practically) nothing. That way, others like me can see the actual grind that goes into it. Who knows, maybe I’ll fail.

What’s the aim?

  1. To see if I can build financial freedom over the next 10 years
  2. To do so transparently as a hopeful inspiration to others
  3. To try and improve my writing and develop something of a lost hobby.

Starting Point in December 2022

  1. £1,500 in various Vanguard ETF’s
  2. House in the process of being purchased (no need to save a deposit)
  3. £2,000 a month salary take home pay
  4. Living with a partner and a 3 year old child
  5. No debt (other than impending mortgage)

Goals for the next 12 months

  1. Increase savings to £400 a month by close of 2024 (currently saving £100 a month).
  2. Create a passive source of monthly income (currently £0)
  3. Increase my active income by the end of 2024 to over £40k p/a
  4. Write at least 1 blog post a week (taking time off for holidays or emergencies)


I guess my question is, do you want to come on the journey with me? I may veer off occasionally and post about my other interests, but I really want to focus on my journey to financial freedom. Any questions please feel free to hit me up, I’m very much keen to interact. I’m also certain people out there are way more knowledgeable than I am already, so I’m hoping to learn! Peace out for now, hope to see you soon!

-Ally the Financial Dad

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